FOIAonline User Survey
Assessing your experience using the FOIAonline portal
How many records requests have you submitted through FOIAonline?
How would you rate your overall experience submitting and tracking requests through FOIAonline?
Please rank the following FOIA request submission method in order of preference:
Agency Portals
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Last Choice
Have you ever contacted the FOIAonline help desk? If so, how often?
Why have you contacted the FOIAonline help desk?
Have you ever been unable to access your FOIAonline account? If so, why?
Which of the following best describes FOIAonline's security/account access rules?
FOIAonline currently freezes user accounts after 30 days of inactivity. Which of the following statements best describes your attitude toward the deadline?
Would you recommend any changes to FOIAonline or do you have any other comments on the service? Alternatively, feel free to contact Aadam Barclay at with any feedback!
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