Sign-on: June 3, 2020 LaRock Letter to Board of Health
Del. LaRock and Virginia House Republican leaders sent the following letter to the Virginia Board of Health on June 3, 2020, and are seeking additional signatures from Virginians.

....We are writing to you specifically to object to the adoption of Public Health Orders 3 (as amended) and 5.

These Orders were issued by the Commissioner of Health under the purported authority of sections 32.1-13 and 32.1-20 of the Virginia Code. We are hereby commenting for the record of the June 4, 2020, meeting. We ask that the Board remain in session and not allow the Commissioner to short-cut the proper processes of the Board with respect to the exercise of any authority under 32.1-13 or other appropriate authority, including outreach to the potentially regulated community and consideration of guidance instead of threats of criminal sanctions. We hope to see this change immediately.

We believe substantial elements of these orders are well outside the authority of the Commissioner and the Board under 32.1-13.....

Government guidance is helpful. Criminal penalties for vague, arbitrary, and inflexible rules are not appropriate. We look forward to the board hearing from and providing relief for businesses and citizens so deeply affected by these orders.

Working with the business community and providing citizen guidance is the appropriate role for the Board at this critical time. Businesses will seek guidance, and many may provide their plans and thoughts; consultation is the proper approach; not impermissibly creating law through action of the Executive Branch.

The full text of the letter is available here:
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