LaFayette High School Counselor's Survey for Parents/Guardians
On a regular basis, school districts in the State of Alabama evaluate the work of school personnel. One aspect of these evaluations includes the use of surveys to gather information from parents or guardians of students enrolled in a counselor’s school. This information is used to assist in assessing the effectiveness of the counselor.

Because you have a child enrolled in the school of the counselor named on the front cover, you have been randomly selected to complete this survey. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Your responses are important and will remain confidential. Therefore, do not place your name on this survey. When you have finished, return the survey in the enclosed, stamped envelope. If you have any questions, call the contact person named on the cover of this survey.

Please respond to all statements by circling one number or letter to the right of the statement. Respond from your own knowledge about this counselor using the following rating scale with the corresponding response choices:
1 - rarely
2 - sometimes
3 - usually
4 - almost always
x - don’t know
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1. This guidance counselor has information available to parents and the community about the school guidance program.
2. This guidance counselor has helped me explore career and educational decisions with my child.
3. This guidance counselor has helped my child explore careers.
4. This guidance counselor has helped my child with educational decisions such as selections of courses, career/college decisions, and ways to seek financial aid.
5. This guidance counselor is willing to hear concerns and offer suggestions to my child and me.
6. This guidance counselor has informed me of counseling and consultation opportunities available in the school and community.
7. This guidance counselor informs parents and the community about how the school ensures the safety of children while attending school or school events.
8. This guidance counselor reports test scores and other information about my child in a clear and concise manner.
9. This guidance counselor shows respect for, and interest in, my child and me.
10. This guidance counselor is willing and available to meet with me.
11. This guidance counselor encourages me to participate in school events.
12. This guidance counselor participates in parent meetings, when appropriate.
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