Queer Fams-giving: Reclaim the Holidays
This FREE event is for Queer, Trans, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, LGBQIA+, and other folks who are part of this sweet, sweet rainbow! Allies, thanks for being awesome and respecting that this event is for 2SLGBTQIA+ community members only. This zoom space (NOT recorded, captions available) will be offered on *so-called-Thanksgiving day, beginning at 9AM EST until likely 2PM EST.
Offerings and facilitation by addyson tucker, Caitlyn Dunham, Gray Baldwin, Anna Lantry, and Moriah Williams. We will follow-up post-event with links to any resources that are shared. Bring your comfiest cozy clothes, your sensory soothing gadgets, some headphones in a private space to respect the privacy of those who attend, and your queer-as-heck authentic full self!

Tentative schedule (EST):
9am - music meditation, podcast episode
10am - (continued podcast discussion) & resilience activity
11am - body & food self compassion
12pm - finding your voice
1pm - body-based and non-body-based grounding

*We decided to come together as 2SLGBTQIA+ folks on a day that is difficult for many people, for many reasons. We completely disavow the commemoration of settler colonialism that mainstream narratives of Thanksgiving celebrate. We recognize the need for community and care on this day, and our hope that this gathering can be a day of healing, reflection, and nourishment for all of our communities and for the ongoing work of decolonization, water protection, ending violence, and land back movements.

This event is free for the sake of accessibility and inclusion. For participants who are able to pay for events such as this, consider sending money to one of the following organizations, or to an indigenous organization in your area:
https://e2s.ca/international-council-of-two-spirit-societies/ (consortium of organizations)
If you are a settler and cannot afford to offer reparations, many of these websites have suggested actions and information for supporting their movements.

If you are a settler and you do not know the peoples whose occupied land you are living on, you can find out by texting your ZIP code to 907-312-5085, or visit https://land.codeforanchorage.org/.

For more information on the history of the colonization of Turtle Island (also currently referred to as North America), this podcast offers an overview:

FLYER For this event here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h1lDXqueayEqwR9CVbVgBVzbuZ4cbLoB/view?usp=sharing or access this link again here: https://forms.gle/zBy1M7spHKhy14R36
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This zoom space will be offered on Thanksgiving day, beginning at 9AM EST until likely 2PM EST. *
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Please feel free to use this space if you have any additional questions, accommodations, or other requests that feel important to mention.
If you are filling this out after 9AM EST on 11/25, AFTER completing your form, please send a text message to 734-635-0424 and let addyson know you have filled out your registration so they can send you the link more quickly. They will respond to emails and invite registrants up until the 9AM start but then email invitations may be slightly delayed during the event itself. *
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