2019-2020 AGCS Parking Permit Application
Due to the school’s limited parking area, driving to school and parking on campus is a privilege that is extended to upper-classmen who are in good academic standing, who are not excessively absent from school or tardy to school or class, who do not exhibit behavior problems, who have a specific need for self-transportation, and who possess a valid driver’s license.

No student should drive and park at AGCS until all documentation has been submitted, reviewed, and an official parking pass has been issued. This includes the beginning of the school year. There are no exceptions to this rule. Students may not share or transfer their parking spaces to/with other students. Students who park on campus without a proper parking pass will risk being issued a parking citation with a monetary fine and/or being towed at the owner’s expense.

AGCS has a limited number of student parking spots available. Parking will be assigned based on a hierarchy of needs system. Parking spaces are assigned in the following order:
1. Dual Enrollment, Co-Op Students
2. Students with school-based internships
3. Seniors with needs (Seasonal sports, school activities and/or employment at 3pm)
4. All other Seniors
5. Juniors with needs (Seasonal sports, school activities, employment starting at 3pm)
6. Technical College High School Students

In order to apply for an AGCS parking permit, completion of this online form must be completed. Recipients of parking permits will be notified and contacted via email.

When picking up an issued parking permit, students must submit:
1.) A signed "Permission Form to Drive and Transport Students" forms (https://docs.google.com/document/d/17mUbPUb077RZEPVB6p2jUf-psc17ZZcWIygVjI2esGE/edit?usp=sharing)
2.) Copies of a student's current driver's license, proof of insurance, and valid vehicle registration for each vehicle which will be used/driven to school.
3.) A check, cash, or money order in the amount of $100.00 made payable to Avon Grove Charter School, with the students name in the memo line.
4.) If you indicated that a parking permit is needed due to employment, verification must be provided either by a student's most recent pay-stub or letter of employment from the employer on company letterhead when the permit is picked up.

Student's who possess a learner's permit at the time parking permits are issued will not receive a parking permit. Students must possess a valid drivers license in order to be considered and receive parking permits.
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Please enter a current email address that we can use to notify you of an offer for a parking spot. Students/parents will have five (5) days from being notified the application has been approved (typically in August) to provide payment. Failure to provide payment within five (5) days will result in the application being denied and the available parking spot will be offered to another student.
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If you indicated the reason for a parking permit is employment, please provide the name of the business, phone number, and name of your supervisor for employment verification.
If you are employed, verification must be provided either by a student's most recent pay-stub or letter of employment from the employer on company letterhead at the time the parking permit is picked up.
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Please indicate below whether you participate in a Seasonal Sport or School Activity either at AGCS or your home school district that would necessitate the need for a parking permit.
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