Equestrian Living 2019 Ballot
Be part of Equestrian Living and tell the world your favorites. In its sixth year, the annual Equestrian Living Gold List has grown to become America’s leading survey of equestrians’ favorite brands, people, places, hangouts, fashion, and lifestyles.

Please vote for your favorites by June 20th, and see the winners in the upcoming August/September issue.

Please skip any questions that don't apply to you.

How do you read Equestrian Living magazine: (check all that apply)
Do you ride? If so, what discipline? (Check all that apply)
Do you own horses?
If you had a summer home, where would you most like to live with your horses in summers?
If you had a winter home, where would you most like to live with your horses in the winter?
Where would you most like to live with your horses all year round?
Unique Experiences: These special travel experiences have been featured in EQLiving. Which one would you most want to visit?
If you could go to any horse show/event in the world, what would it be?
Your Local Favorites
We also want to recognize locally favorite people, events, and places.

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