New Voices LGBTQQAI+ Youth Performance Program Application Form
Applications are due no later than 5pm on Wednesday, September 30th, 2020.

To be considered for the New Voices program all applicants must complete and submit the following application form. Please check your schedule against the program schedule below to ensure you can participate.

Program Expectations and Schedule

The New Voices program is a serious commitment, both in and outside of class time. Acceptance into the program requires students to exhibit a willingness to learn, diligence, creativity, time management, the ability to work well with others, to be self-driven, as well as a commitment to attend ALL rehearsals, weekend workshops, tech rehearsals, the final showcase, and the audience Q&A. Missing a rehearsal without notifying the Program Director of your emergency circumstances will result in be asked to leave the program for the semester due to the short program timeline.

Please review the dates below and compare them to your various school, work, and extracurricular calendars.

Rehearsal Dates:
• Monday, October 5th - 6:15-8:45pm (2.5 hours)
• Monday, October 12th - 6:15-8:45pm (2.5 hours)
• Monday, October 19th - 6:15-8:45pm (2.5 hours)
• Monday, October 26th - 6:15-8:45pm (2.5 hours)
• Monday, November 2nd - 6:15-8:45pm (2.5 hours)
• Monday, November 9th - 6:15-8:45pm (2.5 hours)
• Monday, November 16th - 6:15-8:45pm (2.5 hours)
• Monday, November 23rd - 6:15-8:45pm (2.5 hours)
• Monday, November 30th - 6:15-8:45pm (2.5 hours)

In Progress Showing Dates:
• Saturday, November 14th - 10am-1pm (3 hours)
• Saturday, November 21st - 10am-1pm (3 hours)
• Saturday, November 28th - 10am -1pm (3 hours)

Tech Week Dates:
• Monday, December 7th - 6:15pm - 8:45pm (2.5 hours)
• Friday, December 10th - 6:15pm - 8:45pm (2.5 hours)

Online Showcase
• Saturday, December 12th, Time TBA (2.5 hours)
• Saturday, December 12th - Artist Talk Back, Time TBA (1 hour)
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