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In this Seminar the speaker will cover topics on how to Improve a Child's Grades Faster!

Want to Help your child Improve their Scores for their Exam?

---► Does your child HATE Math or Other Subjects?
---► How to help your child overcome "Exam Anxiety Attack"
---► Is your child under performing?
You know your child has the potential to do better in school yet the results are disappointing..
---► Have you been Spending lots of money on private tuition yet with little no improvements?
---► Is your child suffering from Low Motivation & Lack of self confidence?
---► Does your child display "Laziness" or attitude that shows laziness in studies or in doing school work?

Here's the Solution?

In this NEW, Content Rich Power Packed Workshop you will learn:

---►5 Top SECRETS & SHOCKING TRUTHS Why Smart Students Fail or Underachieve in School (Even the Teachers in school don't know!!)
---► Discover Simple Steps to help your child Overcome Low Self Esteem from failing or under-achieving in school....
---► 12 MUST Have Power ( Genius IQ ) Techniques that can help turn your child’s marks around
---► 6 different ways your child can Tap into his/her Brain’s Full Genius Potential
---► Top Brain Booster Foods for Exam Smart Brains.We will share with you the Top 3 Brain Foods that your child must have in order to Turbo charge the brains, so your child will be more alert & focused when they are studying
---► 2 Magic Formula to immediately turn your child around to be MOTIVATED, More Confident & Eager to Study
Date: Sunday, 13 August 2017
Time: 11am - 1pm
Venue: Auditorium lvl 3, Masjid Al-Islah

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