Poster abstracts Medi-Labo-Tech 2017
Abstract submission for a poster presentation at Medi-Labo-Tech 2017 / Soumission d'abstract pour un poster lors du congrès Medi-Labo-Tech 2017 / Einreichung von einem Posterabstract am Kongress Medi-Labo-Tech 2017

Instructions: Preferred language: English. Poster abstracts with commercial content will not be accepted. The subject should be related to the themes of the congress or more generally be related to the activities of the involved institutions (SSCC, SSPTC, SVM,, HES-SO). Poster already presented in a congress, except for former SSCC congresses could be accepted. Please mention this in the formular.

A selection of up to 4 abstracts will give the opportunity to present the work as oral presentation during the dedicated session on Wed pm. The posters presented by the HES-SO will also have the possibility to be discussed during the dedicated session Thursday pm.

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Format: Auteur1 (1); Auteur2 (2) p.ex. J. Borne (1) , P. Smith (2), PA Daccord (2)
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(1) Affiliation1, (2) Affiliation2 p.ex. (1) CHUV, Lausanne; (2) Universitätsspital Paris
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