A survey for James and Nicholas' future 'Harley Maintenance Community' HMC
We are in the process of creating an online community aiming to teach you the skills needed to maintain and modify your Harley-Davidson. We would be extremely grateful if you could please help us pack the course with desired information, you can do this by kindly filling out this brief survey. At the end of the survey you will have the opportunity to be added to a list which will allow you first access to the community before everyone else.

If you are unaware of who we are, our names are Nicholas Bech and James Roper-Caldbeck. We have both spent more than ten years working as professional Motorcycle builders, in the companies Wrenchmonkees and Jamesville Motorcycles. Both Copenhagen based companies, have had clients from around the globe, and our award winning creations have been featured in magazines and shows throughout the world, including the U.S, Japan and all across Europe. We are now looking forward to share our knowledge in a new exiting chapter of our motorcycle journey.

Thank you very much for your support.

What year and model is your Harley-Davidson?
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What is your age?
What is your general mechanical skill level?
Beginner. I'm new to mechanics.
Master. I have been working with mechanics for years
What is your experience level wrenching on a Harley-Davidson?
Beginner. Harley-Davidsons are new to me.
Master. I have been wrenched on Harley-Davidsons for many years.
What is your number one frustration/concern about working on your Harley-Davidson?
Your answer
Would you consider taking an online class to improve your mechanical skills?
What topic around wrenching on a Harley-Davidson would you invest in to get help with right now?
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What would be your reservations/concerns about buying an online course teaching you how to wrench on your Harley-Davidson?
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In what country do you live?
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