ACA Arts Recognition Awards Nomination Form 2018
The Arts Recognition Awards are presented annually by the Advisory Committee on the Arts to teachers, students and community volunteers in recognition of outstanding service to learning through the arts in our schools.

WHY? The arts allow us to creatively think through processes for life-long wellness and learning.

Nomination Deadline: Saturday, May 5th
Who can nominate? Anyone
Who can be nominated? See awards list below please
When will the awards be announced? Saturday, May 26th
When will the awards be presented? Tuesday, June 19th, 5-6 p.m.

How long will it take to fill in this form?
30 minutes if you know WHO you're nominating, for WHAT, and REVIEW the practice document
Is there a practice document?
What if I make a mistake on this form? Can I resubmit?
YES, BUT... make sure you SAVE THE URL AFTER YOU CLICK "Edit your response" and send yourself the link via email.

1. If you submit more than once, then your latest submission will be processed as your final and official submission.
2. Only one submission per email.
3. ACA reserves the right to reject any applications with insufficient contact or supporting information.

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