2022 Leader Evaluation
As a Group Leader, we would like some additional feedback form you about the following...
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How was the Pre-Registration process?
How could we simplify the Pre-Registration process?
How was the Onsite Registration process?
How could we simplify the Onsite Registration process?
How reasonable is the registration cost?
Comments about the registration process or cost:
How helpful was the website?
How helpful was the app?
Comments on the website or app:
What track did your group attend?
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How well did your track schedule work for your group?
Comments on the schedule:
Small Groups
Did your group use any of the rooms made available throughout the weekend to meet as a small group?
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Did your group use the small group material provided?
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Did your group use the scavenger hunt provided?
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Comments on all small group activities:
Public Relations
Please evaluate the following on a scale of 1-5. (1=Bad, 5=Excellent)
Prayer Room
Cry Room
In the context of COVID-19, how safe  did you feel during the event?
Is there anything we could have done differently that would have made you feel safer?
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