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Technion 3DS runs from Tuesday until Friday - please review the for the full schedule. Are you available continuously throughout this time span?It would be almost impossible for you to participate if you cannot commit fully to this period (this means you cannot work, study or submit homework during this time).
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Why do you want to pursue a startup idea or serve as the founder of a company? What good qualities or characteristics do you possess that would make you a strong participant for our event, and a valued member of a founding management team? Coming to 3DS to explore the answers to the above, say that and elaborate
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Do you have an idea for a startup that you'd like to pursue? If so, please give us a summary of your idea: who needs it, why do you think anyone will pay and what makes it better than what is out there. *if* you don't have an idea, please write about 2 startups you like elaborating why you like them and what you think they are doing different to win the market.
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