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Example: Cole Feets
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EXAMPLE: Mamma Mia! (Harry), Legally Blonde (Elle Woods), Anything Goes (Moonface Martin)
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What activities/clubs/organizations are you involved in? *
***USE THIRD PERSON*** EXAMPLE: Cole is very involved at school. He participates in the dancing club and has been a member of the Toledo Surprises for the past three years.
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Any thanks you would like to give or message for the production?
***USE THIRD PERSON*** Cole would like to thank the cast of the show for giving him a chance even though he don't wanna show off no more.
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SENIORS ONLY: What are you plans post-high school?
***USE THIRD PERSON*** Cole is currently undecided, but his major will involve performance in some way.
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SENIORS ONLY: What advice do you have for the underclassmen in the show?
*Use first or third person here* Cole wishes the underclassmen the best next year. "Keep stumbling along!"
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