2019 Novato City Council Candidates Forum | Submit your questions
The Novato Chamber is excited to host the 2019 Candidates forum and for the first time in our 100+ year history, we are giving the public the ability to submit questions to the candidates. But we have a few rules to keep things fair...please read!

1. Questions must be deemed 'respectful', 'appropriate', 'relevant' and 'balanced'

2. Keep questions and information limited to 1-3 sentences

3. All candidates will be given the opportunity to respond to each question NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Due to time restraints please note that submitting your questions online do NOT guarantee you questions will be asked, you are free to use anonymity if you feel this will keep the process fair.
***We will try to consolidate these questions and submit to candidates so they may answer them if they so choose.

5. Questions must be received by 12 NOON on Friday, August 23, 2019 (PST) for final consideration. Questions submitted after this date WILL NOT be considered for the forum. However, we will try to place these question on the list that the Chamber sends to the candidates.

6. Candidates and current representatives and public officials MAY submit questions to this survey.

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Thank you for submitting your questions to the Novato Chamber! Have a wonderful day!
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