Staff Application
Make sure that you've read before applying.

Please use your main email for this form / the email you use the most. Your email is used for us to contact you about serious matters, not ads. Any email we send to you will be from either or

We will not leak or give out any information you submit here to any individual, business, corporation, entity, etc without your permission and approval.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If we are unable to contact you with the information provided you will instantly be denied. Additionally, if you lie on this application it will come back to haunt you and WE WILL FIND OUT!

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Personal Questions
Here you will tell us about yourself.
Real life name? *
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Real life general location and timezone? *
Example: Lansing, Michigan, United States; EST
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Date of birth? *
Gender? *
Do you have any mental or medical complications which will effect your performance on the job? *
What are your views on politics, religion, and other controversial topics? *
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Tell us about yourself like how you grew up. *
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Account Questions
Here you will tell us what accounts you use.
What is your minecraft username? *
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What is your Discord Identification and/or Skype contact? *
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If you have any other minecraft accounts please list them here.
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Do you have any other social media accounts? Please list them here.
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Experience & Time
Here you will tell us about your previous experience and how long you've been a member.
What position are you looking for? *
Here you will select what you want to be based off your knowledge and technical capabilities.
How long have you been playing minecraft? *
How long have you been a member of MInecortex? / How long have you had interest in Minecortex? *
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What server do you play the most? *
What server(s) will you be working on? / What gamemode do you have the most experience with? *
What is your previous work experience, if at all? *
Anything related to coding, development, management, etc should be listed. If you have no previous work experience put "N/A".
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Are you staff on any other minecraft servers or communities? *
Here is the most important part of the application where you state your reasoning to want to be staff and such.
Do you have a working microphone and will be able to talk, participate in staff meetings, and have normal voice conversations with managers? *
As a staff member you do understand that you will most definitely get hate and disrespect. Are you okay with this? *
As a staff member you understand that you are public servant and that your job is to help people, not boost your ego or be selfish. Do you agree? *
As a staff member you agree to follow the rules and your superiors as ordered; And that if you violate this you will be held 100% liable for your actions. Do you agree? *
Why do you want to be staff? *
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How do you think you can help the server? *
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Why should we accept your application over others? *
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This is the final a part of the application. Here you will officially agree to the requirements and make an oath. If you are accepted, you will have an interview with the HR Manager, General Manager, and/or Administrator where you will be officially sworn in.
If the general manager suspects you of something, you will be required to provide potentially sensitive information aka an audit. e.g. private messages, legal documents, etc. Are you okay with this? *
Do you oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth both on this staff application and as a staff member? *
Do you pledge to uphold the Community Guidelines? *
Do you swear to stay loyal to Minecortex, Its Owners, Its Managers, and Its Community? *
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