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The MV3 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that invests in the personal and professional development of Black undergraduate students pursuing careers in health and/or biomedical science. Through a dynamic mentorship model, we equip our MV3 Scholars with the support, tools, and network needed to mobilize their personal stories, interests, and education to create a health and science workforce that is better equipped to both advocate for, and serve, communities of color.

At the Foundation, our team of students and professionals support our scholars’ academic and professional growth through a dynamic and predominantly virtual mentorship model involving 2 major programs, one of which is a group-based professional development program with career discernment activities, personal growth sessions, and networking opportunities.

The professional development program is led by dedicated Black professionals in health or biomedical science who bring their expertise, experience, and passion to mentoring groups of Black scholars. Mentors will work with approximately 4-6 students in their "MV3 Families" in monthly sessions focused on personal reflection & growth, professional skill development, and building community with likeminded peers. MV3 Families will conduct monthly activities centered on yearly themes corresponding to each year in a typical 4-year undergraduate timeline: Who am I?, Building your Brand, Advocacy in Action, and Investing in the Future.

Please fill out the following form to receive additional information. We expect to reach out to interested individuals in June and July. The inaugural MV3 Scholars Program will begin in August 2022 and end in May 2023.

For more info, please visit our website:
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