NYT 1,600 Men for Anita Hill & Christine Blasey Ford
What you did mattered.

This pivotal moment in American history went beyond politics. It was about seeing, hearing, and believing survivors.

For too long, too many have suffered in silence, terrified of the exact type of virulent backlash that was most acutely on display these past two weeks.

But be clear that this moment mattered. As Dr. Ford mustered the courage to share her truth, bolstered by the support of #1600men and thousands more who added their names in solidarity, she moved us closer to the type of society we want to live in — one in which survivors are supported.

Today we take a moment to lean on those we love and trust.

Tomorrow we rise. We stand tall at the precipice of a generation-defining opportunity to change the culture around sexual assault in our country.

In the days ahead we will build on the success of #1600men by enlisting more male allies and raising additional funds to invest in violence prevention and culture change.

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