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Thank you for requesting a SketchUp Pro license through the Statewide License Grant program. In order to authorize your state’s license, your grant administrator will need to add your school/district’s IP address to a list of approved sites. The SketchUp Pro license server requires a PUBLIC, outward facing IP address in either IPv4 or CIDR block format. Please be sure to select which license you wish to receive 2019, 2020 or BOTH. The Statewide Grants now expire in July each year. 2021 Permanent Version is available and a new form must be filled out for the 2021 Version, as the license serial numbers have to be matched to your IPv4 addresses and the whitelist portal updated. Request your 2021 Permanent Version by using this form -
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Sketchup License Portal Requires an IP Address (IPv4 or CIDR Block Format) -- Please indicate the type of IP Address below. Also, please know the following: The following IP address ranges are PRIVATE, and will not be recognized by the SketchUp licensing system. If you have an address that falls in any of these ranges, please contact your network admin to request your public address. - (Class A private addresses) - (Class B private addresses) - (Class C private addresses) *
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