99c Paranormal Romance Books - Feb 20-28th
This is a signup for authors who'd like to participate in a 99c Paranormal Romance promotional newsletter blast and Facebook share on Feb 20-28th. We accept both Adult and YA books. No erotica and books must have romantic elements.

- Be a paranormal romance of any kind
- Preference will be given to stories with romantic elements
- Both adult and YA books are welcome
- Must be 99c

No pre-orders at this time. Older books are welcome.

Authors can submit one book as we can only fit 25 books. Only book covers and buy links will be showcased.

Once we receive 25 entires, we will close the offer. We will contact you if you've made it and supply you with a banner and link to the promo to share in your newsletter. All books must be 99c during the promo period.

This is a FREE promotional offer.

Guidelines for Authors Participating in Promos

- Limit of one book per author
- You agree to promote the event in your author newsletter within the timeframe of the event, and also to promote via your social media channels. You will be provided with images to use. The more collective buzz we can build for these events, the more we all benefit.
- If the event starts and your book is not 99c, you will be removed from the featured list of books. Please note the dates of the event.
- We use Bitly links to track clicks on each book, so please do not provide your own Bitly. We can provide click statistics after the event if you’d like.
- We do not accept pre-order books for featured promos at this stage.
- No affiliate links to be provided.

An example of our statistics for previous events:

Social media reach of over 1 million
Collective newsletter subscribers of over 155,000
Over 3,700 visitors to the site during the event
Over 2,200 book link clicks tracked via Bitly

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