2021 Player Membership Form - New Members

Why should I become a Fistball Federation of Australia (FiFA) member?

As of December 2014, the FiFA rules require that any fistball player who participates in more than one FiFA-sanctioned tournament per year will be required to hold FiFA membership. That includes all state-league tournaments, such as the Victorian Fistball League (VFL).

Membership includes:
β€’ Eligibility for 2 or more FiFA-sanctioned tournaments per year.
β€’ Eligibility for any individual medals or trophies, awarded at the end of the season.
β€’ Eligibility for national team selection.
β€’ 20% discount on all FiFA merchandise!
β€’ The warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting a small not-for-profit organisation

Where does my FiFA membership money go?

FiFA is a not-for-profit organisation, run completely by volunteers. However, in order to continue operating, FiFA has ongoing yearly costs that require financial assistance to cover. The funds received from memberships will be essential in partially offsetting these substantial costs, with the remainder to be covered via fundraising efforts.

These include:
β€’ Annual IFA Membership - required to receive support from the IFA and to be eligible to compete in international fistball tournaments
β€’ Public Liability Insurance - required to book fields and ovals for tournaments
β€’ Purchasing of fistball equipment – new equipment and replacement of old equipment.

Memberships are $25 for new members (membership drops to $20 for returning members in subsequent years).

Any other questions? Let us know!
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