Important Notice to RED Token Purchasers and Whitelist Registration
Nationality Restrictions:

We are not accepting any contributions from citizens of Bangladesh, Bolivia, China (excluding Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), Ecuador, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, United States, Vietnam, or any other countries that currently ban or limit token sale activities.

Only addresses with approved KYC (Know Your Customer) verifications are allowed to participate in RED token sale. After we approve your KYC verification form, you will receive a confirmation email congratulating you to be whitelisted. If your submitted KYC verification form does not meet the necessary requirements, you will not receive any email from us.


出于监管及合规性等因素考虑,我们不接受来自中华人民共和国(香港、澳门及台湾除外)、美国及其他所有禁止其公民进行数字代币购买及交易行为的国家的参与者购买RED Token。

同时,所有来自于以上国家除外的国家和地区的公民在参与RED Token购买之前,都必须进行KYC身份验证,只有身份验证通过的钱包地址才可以参与RED Token 购买。

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