Hornsby Gangshow Audition Application 2021
The first email address should be for Auditioning Cast Members and a valid email address.

Email addresses of parents/guardians is to be ALWAYS included for any cast under 18yrs.

Hornsby Gang Show is Operoo friendly and will be sending cast a Operoo request along with your Audition Confirmation.
You will be asked to share your profile with Hornsby Gang Show Scout Group or create a new profile, once you audition: https://www.operoo.com

1st - Audition - Saturday - 21st of November 2020

Once all applications are received we will email you an audition confirmation letter (date/time) along with an acting script and singing song sheet and an E1 - Activity Notification Form (which is available via Operoo) or emailed to you if you are currently not on Operoo
This E1 Form you will need to bring along to your audition if not done via Operoo.

All cast will have their photos taken on the day for auditions we use these photos for audition day as well as for the cast scripts and we will be using them for the show programme - please make sure you do your hair and wear your full scout and guiding uniform Hornsby Gang Show Scarf - new cast auditioning will have one supplied on the day for the audition photos.

HGS 2021 Performance Show Dates
Show 1 - Friday - 25 June 2021
Show - 2 & 3 - Saturday - 26 June 2021
Show 4 - Sunday - 27 June 2021
Show 5 - Wednesday 30 June 2021
Show 6 - Friday - 2 July 2021
Show 7 & 8 Saturday - 3 July 2021
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