2020 Clean50: Canada's Top 15 Sustainability Projects since January 2017
This document should only be filled out by a person who has intimate knowledge of the project and the results it achieved.

We are looking for four "I"s: Projects are considered for their IMPACTS from January 2017 through March 31, 2019, their INNOVATION, and their ability to INSPIRE or INFORM the efforts of others.

In your description, please help us to understand the attributes of your project through that lens: Impacts / Innovation / Inspiration / Inform.

While ideally the project should have been started , completed and results measured in that time frame, we will also consider the 2017-2019 RESULTS of any project completed in 2016

The Deadline for submissions is 10 AM EDT July 2nd. If possible - Please submit early if possible, to allow extra time in the event that we ask for more information that needs to be submitted by the deadline.

There is room on the form for multiple organizations and contacts to be listed. Please ensure that any organization that is a measurable part of the project is listed, with accurate emails and contact data. In the event the work was (largely) completed by a consulting firm, please list the consultant FIRST and the client second.

The Clean50 Top Projects Award is Sponsored by Delta Management Group - Canada's leading "green professionals" search firm.
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