NJ Decathlon
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NJ Decathlon events
2 Events are offered each week, but can be completed at any time from 1st July - 2nd August EXCEPT for Event 6, Kevin Henry, which must be completed in the race window of Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th July.
Some non-running events may not be suitable for everyone. You may opt to be allocated the average score for events you are unable to participate in. Select event you wish to opt-out of below.
Event 1 - 5 Mile Run e.g. NJ Friday 5 (Time in h:mm:ss)
Event 2 - Press Ups (Number of Press Ups in 1 minute)
Event 3 - Skipping Rope (Number of skips in 2 minutes)
Event 4 - 1 mile Timetrial (time in mm:ss format)
Event 5 - Sock-Ball Throw (Distance in decimal metres to 2 places e.g. 1.65)
Event 6 - Kevin Henry
Please use the link provided by Lisa to enter Kevin Henry result
Event 7 - Sit-ups (Number done in 2 minutes)
Event 8 - 10k Trail Run (Time in hhmm:ss format)
Event 9 - Standing Long-jump (Distance in decimal metres to 2 places e.g. 0.95)
Event 10 - 90 minute Run or Walk (Miles to 2 decimal places)
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