ATCG Nodes - Expression Of Interest Form
ATCG Nodes are partner local, national or regional entrepreneur support organisations that support entrepreneurs in the digital and/or creative sectors.
We invite you to be part of this network, by filling the following membership enquiry form.
Your enquiry will be evaluated by the steering committee and you will then receive an e-mail from the coordinator, explaining if your application fits the defined criteria to join the network or not.

The coordinator will also inform you about the official signup/mandate letter process
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Membership Criteria
We believe clearly defined membership criteria are essential in order to establish a successful network,
The following criteria define the core structure of the network.

Please answer the following questions accordingly.
#1 Criteria
A hub/BSO whose focus must be to support the Creative and Technology Industries
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#2 Criteria
A hub/BSO must be a base for multiple businesses from Creative and Technology Industries.
How many members/businesses do you support in your hub from the Creative or Tech industries? *
If you serve for other industries as well, please also tell us about their percentage in your hub. *
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# Criteria 3
A hub/BSO must be focused on the professional and social development of its community.
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