2020 Support Driven Heads of Support Survey
Welcome to the Support Driven Heads of Support Survey!

The results of this survey will help you and your peers understand the current Customer Support landscape and advocate for resources and tools based on companies similar to yours.

Your responses will be kept anonymous. Support Driven will share the results in two ways:

1. We will publish a report based on aggregated, anonymized data.
2. We will make the raw results available in spreadsheet form so that it can be sorted based on things like business model or company size to find the most relevant information for specific needs.

Each question includes an opt out response if you are not able to provide the information for any reason. "I don't know" is as valid an answer as any of the other choices. If there is a question you can find an answer to later, please skip it rather than abandon the survey. You can come back and edit your responses after submitting.

Based on user testing, the survey should take about 15 minutes to reply to the primarily multiple choice questions on the following topics:

- Your role
- Your organization
- Your support department (structure and resourcing)
- Support operations
- Support staffing
- Professional development
- Metrics
- Tools
- Your thoughts
- (the 11th page is a Thank you screen :) )

There are 43 questions in all, 40 of which are multiple choice. Thank you for filling this out as completely as you are able -- you are helping your peers and Customer Support move forward by participating.
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