Lincoln County Schools Volunteer Training
Thank you for choosing to volunteer in Lincoln County Schools! Please review below to understand the necessary steps to serve as a volunteer.

**Please note, it will take approximately 20 minutes to view the Volunteer Training Video and complete the Volunteer Training Application.
3 Steps to Complete the Volunteer Training
1. Watch the Volunteer Training Video.

2. Complete the Volunteer Application (available after viewing the Volunteer Training Video here).

3. Complete and drop off the 'Criminal Background Check' form along with the $10 processing fee to the Lincoln County Board of Education office. You may mail the completed form and processing fee to the Lincoln County Board of Education, to the attention of Kendra Mitchell at 305 Danville Avenue, Stanford, KY 40484. Please note that your Volunteer Application is not complete until this form and fee are submitted.

*After you submit the Volunteer Application online, you will have the opportunity to download and print the 'Criminal Background Check' form.

*If you are unable to print the form, you may pick up this form at the Student Support Center located at 305 Danville Avenue in Stanford. If you want a form mailed to you, please contact Kendra Mitchell at 606-365-5775.

*For each background check requested, a $10 processing fee is required by the Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort. Please note: Even though the form states $20, the fee is $10 for school district volunteers.

*Make checks or money orders payable to the Lincoln County Board of Education.

*If you are a parent or guardian of a student that is currently enrolled in the Lincoln County Early Childhood Program, you are not required to pay the $10 processing fee. If you have older students in this school district, you may list them on the same form.

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