FoodRenew Volunteer Application
Complete the following form and waiver (linked near the bottom) to become a FoodRenew volunteer!
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Personal/Contact Details
Please provide the following personal/contact information for our records.
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Emergency Contact Details
Please provide the following information for an emergency contact. They will not be contacted unless absolutely necessary.
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Please print, fill out, and return the following waiver form to FoodRenew via email at before making any deliveries.
Privacy Statement
Please read over the privacy statement before submitting your application. Submission of this volunteer application form is considered acknowledgement of the following:

The personal information on this form is being collected for the purposes of recruiting and selecting volunteers wishing to work at FoodRenew.  The information may also be required for evaluation purposes.  Any evaluation reports developed will not identify individual volunteers by name. This information may be shared with the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre, the Saskatoon Friendship Inn, CHEP Good Food Inc., and the Saskatoon Food Council.
Thank You!
Once the FoodRenew team has a chance to view your application, we will email you with more information about getting started as a volunteer. In the meantime, make sure to fill out the waiver linked above and send it to so that you can start taking shifts as soon as you're approved!
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