Get your ballot to the polls!
Do you need a ride to vote? Or do you need your ballot delivered?

An amazing crew of volunteers with Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light are here to help all across our state! Fill out the form below or call or text (507) 933-0584. We will do our best to help!

Rides are provided on Monday or Tuesday to an applicable polling site to vote in person or drop off an absentee ballot (which must be done by 3 pm on Tuesday). Ride slots are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis for up to 2 people/ride. If more than 2 people at a location need a ride, please submit another request. We can't guarantee availability, but will do our best. You will be contacted with a confirmation. Covid-19 precautions will be taken, including face masks, open car windows, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing door handles before and after each trip.

Ballot delivery means someone will bring an absentee ballot to you, wait for you to fill it out, and deliver it on your behalf to the election office. To qualify for ballot delivery, you must:

live in a
- nursing home
- assisted living facility
- residential treatment center
- group home
- domestic violence shelter
or, be hospitalized
or unable to go to the polling place due to incapacitating health reasons or a disability.

This is a service authorized by the Minnesota Secretary of State's "agent delivery" program. Because of their deadlines, please contact us by noon on Tuesday. The state also requires you to fill out 2 pieces of paperwork. Go to to download the "Absentee Ballot Application" and the "Request for Agent Delivery" form, and have them ready for the volunteer driver to pick up. If you need help printing these forms, just let us know and we'll bring blank copies to you to complete.

- You must request a ride to the polls by 7pm on Tuesday, Election Day.
- You must request a ride to drop off your absentee ballot by 2pm on Tuesday.
- You must request a ballot delivery service by 1pm on Tuesday.

- Vote in person: be in line by 8 pm on Tuesday, Election Day
- Drop off an absentee ballot: by 3 pm on Tuesday
- Request an absentee ballot for agent delivery: by 2 pm on Tuesday
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