Little Free Library Application
Apply to receive a Little Free Library From B'More, Read More (brought to you by the Baltimore Campaign for Grade Level Reading). The goal of the Little Free Libraries is to increase access to free books in your community.

Little Free Libraries will be free of cost to you and B'More Read More will work with a painter to have each library customized with a design of your choice. Applicants must be willing to restock the Little Free Library with books and raise awareness of the library in their community.

Responsibilities of Little Free Library recipients include:
1) Installation of the Little Free Library (all parts will be provided).
2) Keep books stocked
3) Communicate with B'More Read More about maintenance needed
4) Meet with B'More Read More twice a year to discuss successes and areas for development
5) Little Free Libraries must be placed outside in an area that is accessible to the public
6) Attend Little Free Library training in the early fall

Application Criteria:
Applications will be scored based on the following criteria:

1) Does the community have a good plan for restocking books?
2) Does the community have a good plan to raise awareness of the library?
3) Is it a good organizational fit?
4) Is it a good location for the library?
5) Overall quality of the application

To see a list of current Little Free Libraries visit

Please submit your application by midnight on August 8th, 2016.
Name *
Community *
Organization (if applicable)
Email *
Phone Number *
Best way to contact you *
Where would you put the Little Free Library (please include address)? *
Do you have permission to put the Little Free Library in the ground or would we need to install it in a flower pot? *
When Little Free Libraries cannot be installed in the ground, they can be placed in a large flower pot. See image below for pictures of the different options.
Who would be responsible for restocking books and maintaining the Little Free Library? How would you get books? *
B'More read more can connect you to the Maryland Book Bank so you can have access to books, so if that is something you are interested in please include in your answer
What would you do to raise awareness of the Little Free Library in your community? *
What would you want painted on your Little Free Library? *
B'More Read More will work with a painter to personalize your library, let us know the design you would like. See image below for examples of other Little Free Library designs
Who will install your Little Free Library?
Please note that communities are responsible for installation of their library. B'More Read More will provide materials (e.g.- the pole and screws) and instructions.
If there is any other information you would like to give, please include it here
Some of Our Little Free Libraries
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