COVID-19 F& B Industry Impact Survey
This is a survey for food and beverage business owners and operators based anywhere. The purpose of this survey is to help shape the development of a course we are creating called "Restaurant Recovery: How to manage risk, evolve your model, and emerge from a global pandemic safely and profitably." The 4-week virtual course will include two 1-hour weekly webinars along with many other resources and tools to help you succeed and find your footing in these uniquely challenging times. It will launch in early June 2020.

The more feedback we receive the better we can serve you. Thank you for helping us as we work hard to make sure that we as an industry navigate these challenging times with as much care and consideration as possible.

This survey was created put by Proof Bar + Incubator headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. You can find us online at Our team provides and creates industry-specific resources and tools for food and beverage companies--needed now more than ever. We also operate a shared commercial kitchen, a restaurant residency program, and a cocktail bar.

Please reach out if you have any questions to our team at Follow along for updates @proof_bar_incubator

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If you currently have reduced staff, do you plan to rehire all, some, or none of your former employees? *
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Do you feel you have a good understanding of best practices to open and keep your staff and patrons as safe as possible? *
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Did you apply or receive any relief funds or grants?
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Have you received deferred rent? *
Do you have the capital you need to reopen? *
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Do you need help or have questions on how to use and best utilize any received relief funds? *
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Have you experienced supply chain shortages or excessive lead times for standard products or menu items? *
Has your City or County Health Department Inspector provided information that is accessible and provided a pathway or information on best practices and reopening guidelines? *
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