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Session hourly rate = $70.00 per hour

For creation of parts, I charge $100 flat rate per part created as presented. Any changes will be billed at the hourly rate of $70. For example if a client wishes to have a drum track, a bass track and a guitar track created, the cost would be $300 flat rate. Alternatively, if the client wishes, we can create the parts together on the clock.

For large scale projects we can discuss complete project rates.

Prices do not include GST. 5% GST will be applied to all invoice balances..
Terms and Conditions:
All recording sessions must be paid for at the time of booking to reserve your spot. For example, if a client books a 4 hour session, then $280 must be paid to book you into the calendar. The same applies for subsequent sessions.

If you are having me create parts at the flat rate, fees for the parts are due before I can begin creating them.

All balances must be paid in full before final mixes are released and delivered.

While recording cover songs is common, it is up to the client to obtain proper licences if those recordings are to be released on an album, or social media etc.

No refunds, once you have booked a session, you have bought and paid for my time on the agreed day and time as per the booking.

Concerning copyright and royalties, the client retains sole ownership of their own written material. However, If I am writing a large percentage of the parts then we may need to look at creating a co-writing agreement. We would have to create a written agreement under those circumstances outlining writing percentages. This shall always be discussed before continuing on with the recording phase.

Upon completion of the project and final payment, it is up to client to keep an archival copy of all sessions. While I generally keep copies and backups of clients work on file indefinitely, clients having an archival copy ensures work is never lost in the case of a computer or drive failure or other disaster.

During the course of the project I keep multiple backups of clients work.

Project deadlines shall always be discussed before recording commences to ensure that we can meet your needs and possible deadlines and agree on realistic timelines for project completion.

I accept and agree with the above terms and conditions *
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