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If you have any questions, please feel free to call Budding Artists at 1-866-370-7402 or email us at
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We require a deposit of $50+ .35 cents for each participating student. This is refundable when your organization has a 30% participation rate. For example, if there are 100 students $50+$35=$85
Preferred School Delivery Date
Budding Artists provides service throughout the year for any event or holiday. From booking to delivery is only 6-8 weeks.
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What are your fundraising goals?
Would you like to add the following products to your fundraiser?
Budding Artists will send you a pdf and you can have it printed and sold for a profit. For example, Lord Roberts School created classroom posters with a portrait of each child in the class. The posters were printed at the school board's media centre. The school raised over $600.
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If you have booked with us before and you are confident about our products and service, we would appreciate you spreading the word to your colleagues and friends. By referring us, your organization will receive $50 for any organization that chooses us to fundraise.
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