Melbourne Space Program — Application Form
Role: Creative Communications Officer
Reports to: Creative Communications Manager
Ideal start date: ASAP
Type: Voluntary
Length: 12 months minimum
Location: Level 2, 333 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
Ideal availability: Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings
About MSP
The Melbourne Space Program (MSP) aims to launch the next generation of technology pioneers. We develop Australia’s pipeline of job-ready graduates for the technology sectors by providing interdisciplinary real-world training to students. Our mission is to use space technology as a vehicle to discover passion, build experience and deliver solutions to industry.

MSP comprises 80+ university student and alumni volunteers who manage all facets of the company. Our unique cross-disciplinary structure and working environment integrates desirable industry practices for maximising learning, effectiveness, collaboration and agility. The Creative Communications (CComms) Department covers marketing, PR, design, media relations and some event coordination.

Position Description
We are seeking engaged, enthusiastic and friendly people to join the Creative Communications Department. The key responsibilities of the Communications Officer role are across a range of skills, as we aim to ensure that everyone in MSP builds on an array of technical and soft skills. Examples of responsibilities that fall under CComms are:

• Creating unique and engaging written and multimedia content for marketing, PR and educational purposes, to be shared across our platforms (website, social media, etc)
• Supporting and collaborating with team members in order to achieve our goals and showcase the awesome work that our volunteers do
• Helping to manage MSP’s personality, profile and presence through effective communication and relationship-building with media and public stakeholders
• Actively contributing to the defining and refining of our department’s processes and objectives to help drive work turnover and relevant traffic and leads
• Driving stronger internal communications practices to help ensure that the organisation is communicating in a way that supports our organisational culture and work – this could include helping organise internal events, drafting internal announcements and developing guidelines/best practices
• Drafting research and reports based on tracking, measuring and analysing traffic to our online platforms

The desired skills and traits we are looking for in a potential candidate are:

• Experience in a communications-related team (either in a workplace or university setting)
• Growth mindset – the eagerness to learn more, keep an open mind
• Flexibility in roles they take on – as a Communications Officer, you will gain a range of experience undertaking tasks that require skills you have as well as skills that you will be required to develop ‘on the job’
• Demonstrated ability to take initiative for working on tasks or taking on challenges
• A team player – someone who is consistent in attending meetings, working sessions, workshops etc
• Organised and able to meet deadlines, completing tasks at a high standard
• Great verbal and written communication skills
• Effective time management and adaptability
• Able to commit to at least 12 months with MSP

Applications will close on Friday 15th March at 5pm.

Interview Process
Completing this form is the first stage of the application process. Applicants who are successful at this stage will proceed to the interview stage, which consists of three half-hour interviews. Each interview is conducted by the executive or directors of MSP.

Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate that they have values that are central to our operation:

Think Big
• We are future focused and encourage ambitious ideas and long-term planning (7-10 years thinking).

Community First
• We recognise that we are one part of a broader ecosystem. All initiatives start with understanding the benefits to our students, organisation or industry partners and we will always engage with integrity.

Be An Innovator
• We consistently seek to push boundaries and strive to innovate in all facets of the community.

Take Ownership
• There are no tasks out of an individuals scope, we are one family and there is no separation of the business and those who drive it.

• We believe that we are always capable and are willing to take calculated risks.

Learning Mindset
• We strive to continuously learn and improve, failure is an important part of the learning process. Knowledge sharing across teams is a core principle which drives success.

• We strive to create equal opportunity and camaraderie across the MSP family through unified goals.

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Applicant Questions
Please answer the following three questions. Responses for each question should be no greater than 200 words in length. If there is any other information relevant to the position that you would like to tell us — and which does not fit within the scope of the following questions — please include this in your CV or cover letter as appropriate.
In your own opinion, is it important for Australia to have its own strong space & technology sector? Why or why not?
Describe your ideal job. What kind of work would you be undertaking? Who would you be working with? What aspects of the work environment would make you the most productive and/or the happiest?
Why do you want to work with MSP? What would you hope to get out of your time with the program?
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