Registration: Robotics workshop for pupils (ENG)
Time: Friday, 29.11.2019 at 15:00-16:30

We are waiting to the workshop children who would like to know how electronics, mechanics and automation are connected to each other, what is the robot and how to make it.

In the workshop we will learn hardware programming using the microcontroller board of Arduino Uno. It is possible to create different robotics prototypes using Arduino Uno and various sensors and programming it in C language. We will build a smart lamp which lights up when it is dark. We control it by a button and “commands”.

We will learn how to connect LED lamps and button to Arduino Uno. We will put the lamp blink whether it is dark or light. We use a button and different “commands” to play different scenarios.

We will learn C programming language.

Workshop is organized by Digipurk.

The workshop is free of charge for Robotex visitors. You can buy tickets to Robotex from Piletilevi:

Max participants: 12
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