Rising Senior Parent/Caregiver Questionnaire
You have had the unique opportunity to watch your child grow and develop over the past seventeen or so years. As a result, you have knowledge and insight about them that no one else has. This is your opportunity to let us know anything about your child that you think will be helpful for us (and the colleges) to know as we work closely together for the next 1 ½ years. Your responses help as we guide your child through the admissions process and will assist us in highlighting her/their most outstanding traits and accomplishments.

Please spend time thinking about the following questions—feel free to write as much as you like—we truly enjoy reading your responses.

You do not have to finish the form all once. However, you MUST hit "SUBMIT" at the very end of the form EVERY time, even if you have not fully answered all questions. If you do not hit "Submit" each time, you will lose your progress.

Once your child has had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with her counselor, the college counseling office will contact you about scheduling your family meeting. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us!

Ann Marie Strauss, Director of College Counseling
Courtney Watkins, Associate Director of College Counseling
Jerry Brown, College Counselor
Meredith Good, College Counseling Assistant
Student Name *
Parent(s)/Caregiver(s) Name and Relationship to student *
Ex. John Smith (Father), Jane Smith (Mother); Mary Sue (Step mother), etc.
Contact Information *
Please list the best ways to reach you- phone, email, etc.
Parent(s)/Caregiver(s) Educational Background *
Did you attend college/graduate/professional school? If so, please list institutions and degrees received.
Please provide 5 adjectives that you feel best describe your child *
What do you consider her/their greatest strengths/accomplishments? *
(personal, athletic, academic, artistic, theater, etc.)
What are areas in which your child is working to improve? *
Describe one or two major events you see as turning points in your child’s development and explain why you view them as such--please provide anecdotes to illuminate the turning points. *
What are your child’s main interests/commitments outside of school? *
(Scouting, faith based or community choirs, part time jobs, family commitments, research, etc.)
What makes your child happy/joyful? *
What is a stress point for your child? *
Is there anything you are anxious about in the college process? *
Ex. first child going through the process, financial situation, other factors, etc.
If your child is a first generation college bound student, what information is most helpful at this time? *
What is your financial plan for paying for college? *
College is an increasingly expensive investment. Do you have a budget and a financial plan for covering college costs? Please share so we can help your family craft a list that may help meet financial considerations. We invite a discussion of financial aid options--need based aid, merit aid, loans and grants in our family meeting--please ask us.
Have you already discussed/suggested any schools already with your child? If so, which ones? Why do you believe these schools may be appropriate fits? *
Will you be seeking outside support for your child’s college process, whether it be from a community-based organization (B.E.S.T., College Bound, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, etc.) or an independent college consultant? If so, please share the organization/person and the areas of focus. *
Please add any personal circumstances of which we should be aware as we help your child through the selection process. *
(financial concerns, alumni connections, geographic restrictions, academic accommodations, athletic or arts influence, etc.)
Is there anything you wish to add which would help us guide your child/family through the college process? *
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