Data collected by civil society pertaining to potential victims of human trafficking (PVoTs) for all forms of exploitation, as well as their dependants.
Please make one entry of this form for each individual you have been in contact with during the year of 2020. Try to fill in as much as possible, leave questions that are not relevant for an individual blank.

Please note that you are asked to fill in individual forms for each child you have been in contact with, both as direct victims and as dependants.
Name of NGO filling out the form *
Was this case initiated during 2020?
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Age of PVoT (estimated if not sure) *
Gender of PVoT *
Form of exploitation (tick one or several) *
Estimated time in exploitation
Country of origin of PVoT *
Country of exploitation (tick as relevant) *
Victim status *
If direct victim of crime; does the PVoT have children?
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If direct victim of crime; and has children; where are they?
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If direct victim of crime; is the PVoT pregnant? *
If direct victim of crime and pregnant; is the pregnancy a result of exploitation?
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If direct victim try to assess the impact on the individual (tick one or several as appropriate)
If child of victim, try to assess the impact (tick as appropriate one or several)
Assistance provided by reporting NGO *
Is there any need of assistance in accordance with their rights that you were not able to meet? How so?
Number of contacts with the victim
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Case status
Identification, who made the first contact or who referred the case to you?
What are some of the factors behind this individuals situation. Please state any vulnerability (push- and pull factors). Consider things such as: poverty, debt, escaping discrimination, domestic violence, financial burden towards family members, war and conflict etc.
Has a crime been reported to the police? *
What type of crime is being investigated? (brottsrubricering, e.g. människohandel, koppleri, sexköp, människoexploatering.)
If a criminal complaint was made, how has the case progressed since the criminal complaint?
Clear selection
If a criminal complaint has been made, please indicate whether any of the following steps have been taken by the authorities.
Status in relation to social services
If social services have been involved in the case, are they involved because of the PVoT or a child in their care?
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If support has been sought from social services, have they fulfilled the requirements set out in the European Convention (in your opinion)? Why/Why not?
Asylum status *
What are the main reasons for why civil society has been involved in this case?
Is there any additional information you would like to provide?
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