Practice Card Report
Daily Practice Routine Point Values per day
Practice Preparation 4
Warm-up/Technique Studies 4
Rhythm Studies 4
Classroom Assignments 4
Maintenance 2
Listening 2
Points per day=20

With the point grading system above you can create enough points to not need to practice 2 days a week. Any additional points gained past 100 total points for the week will be added as bonus points.

Tips for a successful practice session
1. Pick a quiet distraction free environment to practice.
2. Plan what you are going to practice before playing even a single note.
3. Use a metronome or tuner while you practice.
4. Use the same steps we use in class to practice.
5. Practice measure by measure and phrase by phrase.
6. Practice slowly then play faster when it is played well slowly.
7. Be satisfied with small success.
8. End your practice section with a song you would like to play.

Listening Assignments by Week:
Week 1: Beethoven (Classical and Romantic Composer)
Week 2: Richard Strauss (Romantic Composer)
Week 3: Some Drum and Bugle Corps Group (Blue Devils, Cavaliers, Santa Clara Vanguard, etc...) For a complete list of DCI groups go to
Week 4: Dizzy Gillespie (Trumpet)
Week 5: Richard Wagner (Romantic Composer)
Week 6: Maynard Furgeson (Trumpet)
Week 7: Charlie Parker (Saxophone)
Week 8: Who ever you want as long as it is not pop, country, or some other modern music style.

Recommended Apps Tonal Energy Istrobosoft Tunable Metronome

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