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1) Kindly silence your cell phone while you are in the Kindermusik classroom. If you need to talk on the cell phone, please take your child with you and talk on the upper floor.

2) We sit on the floor and move around alot in the classroom, please wear comfortable clothings for you and your child that you are free to move in.

3) Shoes are not allowed in the activities area, please wear socks all the time and avoid wearing dresses or skirts.
As far as food is concerned, please do not bring out food during class (except for water and formula ) in case there are allergy issues with other children. If your child needs a drink or snack during class, please step out of the room for a moment to accommodate his/her needs.

4) Please do not bring your child to class if they are ill.

5) Each family can only preview once in each level of classes.

6) One parent or caregiver must be in attendance with the child for the entire duration of the class.

7) To ensure the privacy of you and your children, photographs or videos we use for marketing purposes will not contain names or personal identifying information of you and your children. If you do not wish to have your child's image recorded or photographed please let us know before class.

8) For babies under 10 months old, please bring your own blanket to class, as babies at this age may need to lie down in some of the activities.

9) A minimum of 4 babies are required to run a class. Kindermusik with Ms Karen & Friends reserves the right to cancel any classes if minimum number of participants is not reached. Class fees of the canceled classes will be refunded but not the online material fees.

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