Apply to join the South East Young Greens Team for 2020/21!
The South East Young Greens Committee Elections for 2020/21 are now open!

Over the last year, we've organised regional gatherings, training events, speaker tours, and have played a vital role in mobilising young people across the region during elections (but there's space for much more!). We also support Young Green Officers, University Societies and Young Green Groups across the South East.

If you're interested in joining our team and helping to develop a strong and energised network of Young Green activists across the South East, please apply below!

Positions Available:

x2 Co-Convenors - Responsible for facilitating meetings, supporting Young Greens groups across the region, and the overall running of the SEYGs. One Co-Convenor position is reserved for a self-identifying non-male, and both Co-Convenors cannot be from the same party.

x4 Non-Portfolio Officers - The remaining members of the committee, whose roles are to be agreed upon collectively following the election of the committee at our AGM. In previous years, these have included Communications Officer, Groups Officer, Membership Officer and Elections Officer. You are encouraged to speak about which kind of role you would like to take on, if standing for a Non-Portfolio, but it is not a requirement.


Please note, you must be a member of the Green Party based in the South East of England, and either under 30 or a full-time student in order to apply.

Further info:

If you would like further information or advice on any of the roles and what they entail, please contact Robert Nixon, current Co-Convenor of the South East Young Greens, who is happy to help or talk things over ( If you would like more information about the South East Young Greens in general, please get in touch on our Facebook Page, Twitter or by email

The ERO for this election is Matthew Hull. If you have a question about election procedure, you can ask Matthew by email. His email address is


Note: If you have already submitted an application by email to Hannah Clare, that application has been recorded on this form and there is no need to reapply.
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