TokenEngineering Academy - Ecosystem Value Flows
This is the application form for the following TokenEngineering Academy course:
Ecosystem Value Flows in October 2020.

We'd like to get a picture of your background and your motivation to attend the course.
All fees collected will be used to further develop the TokenEngineering Academy program; in order to remain inclusive, exceptions to the fee requirement will be considered on a case by case basis. Please let us know at the end of the application form.

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We welcome participants who'd like to work on their own case or project. However, it's also possible to participate and work on a 3rd party case.
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4. My motivation to participate in this course *
Please let us know why you'd like to attend this course, and how you'll apply the results in current and future projects.
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7. Further details on education, academics, and professional experience
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10. I'd like to apply for a scholarship *
A subset of applicants may be awarded grants to offset the costs of participation
11. If yes, please explain your circumstances
Please provide any information you feel will help us make our decision regarding grant funds.
My comfort level with ecosystem design frameworks *
Never heard about it
Know it, but never used it
Used it once or twice
Use it in my day to day work
Platform Design Toolkit
Business Model Generation Canvas
User Personas
Le Grand Jeu (co-creation game)
Value Proposition Mapping
System Dynamics Models
12. My comfort level with engineering mathematics (eg. discrete math, linear algebra, calculus and differential equations) *
Note: Not a requirement for participating in this course, however helps us to shape a follow-up program.
I would need to google everything
I use them in my day to day work
13. My comfort level with scientific python (eg. numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn) *
Note: Not a requirement for participating in this course, however helps us to shape a follow-up program.
I would need to google everything
I use them in my day to day work
Privacy Policy

This course is offered as part of the program of the TokenEngineering Academy,
organized by conectopia UG.

Through applying for this course (that is sending this application form), the participant gives his consent that conectopia UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (1) saves name, personal data and contact data (e.g. email), (2) is later on allowed to send emails to the participant, and (3) is allowed to take photos and videos during the event that might be published (e.g. online, offline) and that might include the participant. The emails in (2) represent course logistics, newsletters and information on further TokenEngineering Academy offerings as well as TokenEngineering community activities and events (e.g. online events, initiatives and projects). If the participant does not agree to points (1), (2) and (3), he or she shall not apply and send the application form.

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