46th Annual Corvallis Fall Festival - Young Artist Marketplace
Located in the Art Discovery Zone of the Corvallis Fall Festival
Festival Dates: Saturday, September 22, 2018; 10am to 6pm
Sunday, September 23, 2018; 10am to 5pm
Accepting Applications - You will be notified as soon as possible of room available for young artist participants.
Who May Apply
Artists ages 8 through 18 are encouraged to apply. Young artists are required to run their own booths.
What Can Be Sold
Items must be created by the young artist. Items must be priced $20 and under. To avoid duplication, items for sale must be pre-approved by Fall Festival. We ask that you submit no more than 2-3 types of items to be sold at the festival.

No purchased items made by someone else allowed. No balloons, food, pet food/treats or drinks may be sold.

When & Where
The Young Artists Marketplace is open on Saturday, September 22; 10am to 6pm and Sunday, September 23; 10am to 5pm. Artists will choose one day, Saturday or Sunday, to participate. Clubs of multiple artists may be given both days if there is space available.

The Young Artist Marketplace is located within the Art Discovery Zone at the Corvallis Fall Festival. The Fall Festival is set up during these dates within Central Park, in downtown Corvallis and in the surrounding area.

What it Costs
After you have been accepted to participate, there will be a $5 fee due to the festival office. Please do not send this fee until you have received notification of acceptance and have been prompted to supply payment. Additional information will be given at that time.
What Fall Festival Provides to Artists:
A large canopy tent and tables are provided. Each artist will be assigned half of the area on an eight foot table, a display space approximately 4 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep. There is no electricity or water available.

Displays are limited to the table-top area only. No hanging items on the canopy or support posts. No advertising, verbally or visually, as a fund-raiser for a cause.

If you have any questions, you may phone the Corvallis Fall Festival office, 541-752-9655 or email director@corvallisfallfestival.org
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