The DD return from lock-down
We want your input on the way Destine Dance will return
Assuming Destine Dance starts up again in July, what are you interested in (check all that apply)?
As we start up again, we might not be at 100% from the onset. Thus, there will be less on offer than usual. Which of the following best describe how you feel about this?
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Regarding social distancing, which of the following statements describes your current preference for lessons at Destine Dance? Check all that apply
What will your focus be when you come back?
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Because we might start up at a fraction of full capacity, which times work best for you?
A NEW CLASS OPTION: We are considering running a new class that will be focused on performance dance as opposed to partner dance. In these classes a stage show will be rehearsed. After a period, everyone will dress in costume and then perform the routine in front of a camera so a video can be posted online. Each time a new routine is started, a new style will be tried. It could be cabaret, line dancing, contemporary, burlesque, folk etc. How do you feel about such a lesson?
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If there was only one group class, then what style would you rather
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We also have a chance to change the way the group classes work. Which of the following suits you best?
Any other suggestions or concerns about the return?
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