The State of Handmade 2021
Welcome! The aim of this survey is to gather a snapshot of the current state of the handmade business industry.

This survey is being run by Jess Van Den, Mikaela Danvers, and Deborah Engelmajer of The Business of Making.

Your responses are 100% anonymous. It should take you less than 10 minutes to complete this survey.

The results will be collated, analysed, and published on in April 2021.

Please share this survey far and wide - in FB groups, forums, via Instagram - the more people that participate, the clearer idea we can all get about where we stand in the handmade business community going into 2021.

How many YEARS have you been running your handmade business? *
What was the main (or closest) reason you started a handmade business? *
What is your main craft? (metalsmith, potter, visual artist, etc.) *
Do you sell mostly... *
Which categories of product do you sell? *
Which best describes the current state of your handmade business? *
In the past year, your handmade business has... *
Approximately how many individual products did you sell in 2020? *
What is your ultimate aim for your handmade business? Do you want it to become... *
Approximately how many HOURS per week do you spend working on your business? *
On a scale of 1 - 10, where 1 indicates you spend pretty much all of your business time making products, and 10 indicates you spend almost no time making products (and mostly spend time on activities like marketing, strategy, selling, etc.), where do you currently sit? *
Spend most of my business time making products
Spend very little of my business time making products
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