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The success of our future store depends on understanding the needs and desires of our community. Help create SunCoast's success by providing your thoughts on our monthly conversation topic. Attend an open board meeting on the 4th Mondays 6:30-7:30 p.m. (currently at Veteran's Park IB) to join the conversation live. Visit for details.
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To offer healthier alternatives and appeal to a broad customer base, our market study recommends that we offer a mix of maybe half clean/conventional food and half locally produced, natural, and organic. How do you feel about this recommendation?
I don't agree
This sounds good to me
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When buying produce, rank the following in importance to you: *
Highest importance
2nd highest importance
3rd highest importance
4th highest importance
5th highest importance
6th highest importance
Certified Organic
Grown Organically
In general, when selecting groceries, how important are the following in your decision about what to buy?
High Importance
Moderate Importance
Not Important
Depends on the item
Certified organic
Sustainable or regenerative practices
No hydrogenated oils
No artificial ingredients
No palm oil
No high fructose corn syrup
Gluten free
Locally grown or produced
Fair trade
No nitrates
Grass fed
Free range
Currently, how easy is it for you to to purchase natural, organic, or local items close to home? Select any that apply.
Any other thoughts about organics versus conventional or local products?
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