Greenville Public Library Virtual Volunteer Application
Volunteers play a vital role in the community, and we are excited to offer virtual volunteer opportunities for young adults in grades 6-12. Please contact Patricia if you have any questions:
What is your full name?
Do you have a preferred nickname?
What are your pronouns? (ex. she/her, he/him, they/them, etc.)
What is your age?
What is your phone number and/or email address?
Please do not use your school email address, since library staff can't send messages to school email addresses.
Are you required to complete a specific number of hours? If so, how many?
Why do you want to volunteer at the library?
Please list any special skills that you can use as a virtual volunteer, including technical skills (like Photoshop or video editing), artistic skills (like painting, cartooning, crafting, etc.), and/or other skills and interests.
What kinds of volunteer activities are you interested in? Please select all that apply.
Thanks for your interest in volunteering at the library! Patricia will contact you soon to discuss your application and next steps.
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