Labor Day 2020 Socially Distant Distance
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I understand that Socially Distant weekend racing is a casual, fun opportunity for me and my family to sail around some islands and marks. There is no protesting, no yelling, no complaining, and no bumping allowed. Grilling, however, is encouraged. I promise to review and respect COLREGS and remain well distant from other boats. If I am on Port, Windward or Overtaking, I will remain WELL CLEAR. If I am on Starboard, Leward, or being Overtaken, I will hold my course steady and true and WILL NOT USE MY RIGHTS FOR TACTICAL PURPOSES. I will wait my turn at marks. Most importantly, I will ENJOY MY TIME ON THE WATER. I will wear a mask inside any Bayfield businesses I choose to visit out of respect for those who live there. I accept that my decision to sail my vessel is mine alone, and take responsibility for my actions as well as the actions of my crew. *
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