One-Act Play Auditions- Actor
Please fill out this form to be eligible to audition for the KLMS One-Act Play UIL Competition. In addition, you will need to turn in the one-page audition form with a parent signature in order to audition. It is suggested that you fill out this form with parent help.
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Previous Theatre Experience:
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Have you auditioned for a show at KLMS before?
If yes, were you cast in that/ those show(s)?
Special Skills (dancing, singing, etc):
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Would you accept ANY role given to you?
If not cast, would you be interested in a crew/ alternate position?
Would your parent/ guardian be willing to help out backstage or with any other duties? (meals, costumes, etc.)
Do you currently have ANY conflicts with the current rehearsal schedule as found on or on your audition packet? (Conflicts will NOT rule you out from casting, but must be listed in order to be excused.)
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Please list any other KLMS activities of which you are part. If none, simply type N/A.
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Have you ever had a failing grade on a report card?
I understand that being cast means I am responsible for my own costume. Parents can expect to spend around $30. If there is a financial hardship, I understand I can apply for a scholarship to cover the cost.
I have parent permission to audition to be in this production if I am cast.
I understand that I am auditioning to be a member of an ensemble cast. As such, I understand that if I am cast roles can be rearranged and recast for the better of the company and the production.
Please write anything else you would like Mrs. Loy to know about you before casting.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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