Bellingen Riverwatch Macroinvertebrate Testing Program Round 2 Registration Form
This registration form is to be completed by volunteers, partners and macro teachers taking part in the Bellingen Riverwatch Macroinvertebrate Program Round 2.

Registration closes on Friday 11th March 2022.

Please read the Round 2 info booklet at prior to registration.

Please complete one registration form for each person that will be attending these FREE events.

These events are suitable for people aged 12 and up (but only young people quite interested in science).

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(optional - we ask this to help us define collecting volunteers)
Emergency Contact Name *
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Are there any medical considerations / restrictions that may affect your volunteering task? *
If yes, please provide details, including any medication that BR project staff should know about, including any known allergies (e.g. bee stings, penicillin).
Round 2 Events
Which events are you able to attend?
Please select all of the lead-up training session you are able to attend and make a note of your first and second preferences in the next question. The BR team will assign you to a site and a lead-up training session following registration. See Bellingen Riverwatch Macro Map at (Macro teachers, you need not respond to this question).
Which are your top preferences for the Lead-Up Training Sessions?
Let us know your first and second preferences for the Lead-Up Training Sessions. Also, please let us know how many lead-up training sessions you would like to attend (if more than one).
Are you available to be the sampling volunteer on the day (or a backup to the sampling volunteer) for a site? If so, which sites would you be able to collect from?
See Bellingen Riverwatch Macro Map at Please note, to be a sampling volunteer or back-up sampling volunteer, it is required that you attend one of the Lead-Up Training Sessions.  (Macro teachers, you need not respond to this question).
Do you have any dietary requirements?
Do you have any questions you would like the Scientists to answer in the Q&A Panel? Please describe them below.
This helps our partners prepare their responses for you :)
Would you prefer the 'Main Count' event start and end times to move at all? (ie move to 8.30am to 4pm for example). Please detail below.
Do you have any other comments or feedback?
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